Esoteric's Atomhenge imprint was established in 2008 as the home of the recorded work of the legendary Hawkwind between 1976 - 1997 and of solo projects by various band members.
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Dave Brock And The Agents Of Chaos
The Agents Of Chaos   ATOMCD1029

Palace Springs (Expanded 2 CD Set)   ATOMCD21034
It Is The Business Of The Future To Be Dangerous   ATOMCD21032
Spirit Of The Age - An Anthology 1976 - 1984   ATOMBOX3002
The Dream Goes On - An Anthology 1985 - 1997   ATOMBOX3003
Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music   ATOMCD1005
Electric Tepee   ATOMCD1008
PXR 5   ATOMCD1010
Live 79   ATOMCD1011
Chronicle Of The Black Sword   ATOMCD1012
Alien 4   ATOMCD1018
Church Of Hawkwind   ATOMCD1021
The Xenon Codex   ATOMCD1022
The Business Trip   ATOMCD1031
Live Chronicles   ATOMCD2007
Quark, Strangeness And Charm   ATOMCD2009
Love In Space   ATOMCD2013
Sonic Attack - 2CD Expanded Edition   ATOMCD2019
Choose Your Masques   ATOMCD2026
Levitation - 3CD Expanded Limited Edition   ATOMCD3016
Space Bandits   ATOMCD1025
Distant Horizons   ATOMCD1028
Warrior On The Edge Of Time   ATOMCD1035
Warrior On The Edge Of Time (Three Disc Expanded Edition)   ATOMCD31037
Warrior On The Edge Of Time (Super Deluxe Boxset - Limited Edition)   ATOMBOX1001
Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music Vinyl LP   ATOMLP1005
The Flicknife Years (5CD Clam Shell Box Set)   ATOMCD51039
Coded Languages - Live At Hammersmith Odeon November 1982 (2CD Expanded Edition)   ATOMCD21040
The Charisma Years 1976-1979 (4CD Clamshell Box Set)   ATOMCD41041
The RCA Active Years 1981-1982 (3CD Clamshell Box Set)   ATOMCD31042
The GWR Years: 1988-1991 (3CD Clamshell Box Set)   ATOMCD31043
The Emergency Broadcast Years 1994-1997' (5CD Remastered Clamshell Box Set)   ATOMCD51044
Roadwawks (Remastered CD Edition)   QATOMCD1045
Roadhawks (180 Gram Remastered Vinyl Edition)   QATOMLP1045
Hawkwind: Dust Of Time – An Anthology, 6CD Box Set   ATOMCD61048
Hawkwind: Dust Of Time – An Anthology, 2CD Set   ATOMCD21047
Dreamworkers Of Time – The BBC Recordings 1985-1995 (3CD Box Set)   ATOMCD31049
Days Of The Underground – The Studio & Live Recordings 1977-1979 (10 Disc Box Set)   ATOMCD101050
Hawkwind: Warrior On the Edge Of Time (Steve Wilson Remix), Vinyl Edition   ATOMLPX1035
Hawkwind: Space Ritual 50th Anniversary, 10 CD/1 Blu-Ray Limited Edition 11 Disc Box Set   ATOMCD111053
Hawkwind: Space Ritual 50th Anniversary, Double Transparent Gatefold Vinyl Edition   QATOMLP21052
Hawkwind: Space Ritual 50th Anniversary, 2CD Remixed Edition  ATOMCD21054
Hawkwind: Space Ritual 50th Anniversary, 2CD Remixed Edition  ATOMCD21054
HShot Down in the Night b/w Urban Guerrilla, 10″ 45 RPM Single  ATOMS1010054
In Search Of Space (2CD/Blu-ray Box Set)  QATOMCD31055
In Search Of Space (Remastered Gatefold Vinyl Edition)  QATOMLP1055

The Lloyd Langton Group
Night Air   ATOMCD1024

Psychedelic Warriors
White Zone   ATOMCD1023

Mark Powell interviews Harvey Bainbridge
'My Hawkwind Adventures' interview for Cherry Red TV
Harvey Bainbridge
Harvey Bainbridge
Hawkwind - 1986
Hawkwind - 1979
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