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Blackheart Orchestra

Esoteric Antenna to release new album 'Mesmeranto' by The Blackheart Orchestra in October!

Esoteric Antenna are delighted to reveal they will be releasing 'Mesmeranto' - the brand new fifth studio album by award-winning British songwriters, composers and multi-instrumentalists Chrissy Mostyn and Rick Pilkington - more commonly known together as 'The Blackheart Orchestra' in October 2019.

One of the must-see bands of 2019, the pioneering duo blend musical styles seamlessly sidestepping boundaries to create music huge enough to fill a cathedral. Well known for producing music beyond all easily marketed genres, their multi-instrumental sonic landscapes have always been too unpredictable for pop, too adventurous for the mainstream and too plain weird for folk.

Their previous four critically acclaimed albums and mesmerising live shows have won them obsessive worldwide fans, plaudits from musical giants and placements on TV commercials and films. Chrissy Mostyn’s haunting vocals, the Mike Oldfield-like multi-instrumental playing of Rick Pilkington plus their fearless combination of conventional and unconventional all reflect their self-created universe where art meets sound and words paint pictures that take you with them on their deep musical journey into the human psyche.

Check out the band's official website here and stay tuned for news.