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'Where Fortune Smiles' by John McLaughlin, John Surman, Karl Berger, Stu Martin & Dave Holland nominated for Best Reissue in the 2018 British Jazz Awards!

Where Fortune SmilesWe are very pleased to announce that our recent newly remastered reissue of the 1970 classic album ''Where Fortune Smiles' by John McLaughlin, John Surman, Karl Berger, Stu Martin & Dave Holland has been nominated for Best Reissue in this year's British Jazz Awards!

Fans can vote for the album to win HERE!

The product of a recording session in New York City in 1970, “Where Fortune Smiles” is one of the milestone albums to be recorded at a time when the divisions between the worlds of jazz and rock were less defined and albums such as Bitches Brew by Miles Davis and the work of Tony Williams’ Lifetime pointed a new direction in music. Our edition has been newly re-mastered from the original Dawn master tapes and features an illustrated booklet which restores the original album artwork and insert and an essay by aficionado Sid Smith.

The Strawbs Witchwood Catalogue

Cherry Red Records / Esoteric Recordings acquire The Strawbs Witchwood Media catalogue

Cherry Red Records is pleased to announce that they have acquired the extensive catalogue of Witchwood Media, home to the music of the legendary Strawbs and roster of other related artists. The acquisition follows the release of The Ferryman’s Curse, the acclaimed new studio album by Strawbs, in the Autumn of 2017 on Cherry Red’s Esoteric Recordings imprint.

Cherry Red managing director Adam Velasco said; “We enjoyed working with Strawbs on The Ferryman’s Curse and it was a successful project for us. To bring the Witchwood catalogue to Cherry Red is very special. We are looking forward to bringing this wonderful collection of albums on catalogue under the Cherry Red umbrella in the coming months”.

Witchwood was established by Strawbs founder David Cousins in November 2001 as a vehicle to release archive recordings by the band and subsequently new albums and DVDs. David Cousins, lifetime leader of the Strawbs, and director of Witchwood Media Limited, said: "Cherry Red's successful promotion of Strawbs' new album 'The Ferryman's Curse' delivered the band's first chart record since the 1970s. It was obvious that Cherry Red was the company with the potential to maximize the Witchwood Media catalogue in the future. We look forward to a creative and productive partnership."